Paul Graham: Crazy New Ideas

Прекрасный пост Пола Грэхема Грэма о том, почему мы так плохо относимся ко всему новому. Например, вот почему:

Another reason people dismiss new ideas is that it’s an easy way to seem sophisticated. When a new idea first emerges, it usually seems pretty feeble. It’s a mere hatchling. Received wisdom is a full-grown eagle by comparison. So it’s easy to launch a devastating attack on a new idea, and anyone who does will seem clever to those who don’t understand this asymmetry.

И вот:

Paradigms don’t just define our present thinking. They also vacuum up the trail of crumbs that led to them, making our standards for new ideas impossibly high. The current paradigm seems so perfect to us, its offspring, that we imagine it must have been accepted completely as soon as it was discovered.

Но пост хорош весь, читайте обязательно.