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Time Lords | Lapham’s Quarterly

Статья об истории введения часовых поясов по всему миру и о том, как авторитарные правители (и не только) меняли их в политических целях.

Early changes in time zones were certainly power moves to some extent. By the 1930s, though, once most nations had established permanent time zones for themselves, alterations in a nation’s sense of time were often a result of authoritarian conquest. The World War II era was rife with these changes, particularly as the Axis powers conquered their neighbors. When Japan invaded Malaysia in 1942, Malaysian clocks were reset to Tokyo time—a move reversed at the end of the war. Meanwhile in Europe—as if the constant adjustments and readjustments of daylight saving time in order to save fuel weren’t enough—as Hitler’s armies advanced across the continent, time zones were changed to align with Berlin. In 1940 occupied Holland moved the country’s clocks an hour ahead to Central European Time. Shortly thereafter, the new government of Vichy France followed suit; Spain’s Francisco Franco did the same.




  1. Китайцы — молодцы: не мучают свой народ ни часовыми поясами, ни летнем и зимнем временами. Остальному миру стоит присмотреться.